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The vaccine given from age one to two years depending on the type of vaccine given and the risk of contracting the disease (area lived in) prevents the disease.


The meningitis C vaccine offers protection against a type of bacteria called meningococcal group C bacteria, which can cause meningitis.

Babies in the UK are offered a combined Hib/Men C vaccine at 1 year of age.

The meningitis ACWY vaccines offers protection against 4 types of bacteria that can cause meningitis: meningococcal groups A, C, W and Y.

Young teenagers, sixth formers and “fresher” students going to university for the first time are advised to have the vaccination.

The meningitis B vaccine is a vaccine that offers protection against meningococcal group B bacteria, which are a common cause of meningitis in young children in the UK.

The vaccine is recommended for babies aged 8 weeks, followed by a second dose at 16 weeks and a booster at 1 year.

Meningitis is a bacterial infection that makes the brain and spine to be inflamed. Death and damage to the brain has been recorded in cases where medications were not administered, or treatment delayed.  The period of incubation for this infection is about 3-4 days, and its rate of fatality can be as high as 50%.

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